BiMi Yoga Tote, Clean Coffee

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BiMi Extra, Clean Coffee

The BiMi Extra is our bag for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. (Literally)

The BiMi Extra holds everything and more, the chic addition of a third handle makes this our top travel bag. The designs are so unique, people can't help but ask "Where did you get that?"

Our key response is how durable our bags our. This material is collected from all over the world, and handcrafted with your needs in mind!

Ideal For: Travel/Carry-On, Yoga & Workout Classes, Weekend Trips, Diaper Bags

Details: 14"x25" Bag, 16” handles (2) with 24" Cross Strap (1) - Three (3) Handles Total, Flip Hook for Keys and Such

Colors: Royal Stripe Blue, Peach Coral Reef, Seersucker Sunburst Yellow, Yellow Palms, Hawaiian Sand Daze

Origin: El Salvador