Mental Health Mission







BiMi is a Brand

that allows everyone to express themselves

openly, uniquely and with freedom from judgment.


We have all lived with or known someone who has struggled with Mental Health challenges, whether in our families, communities and, or friend groups, and this is why we are speaking up!


We are more than the things that test us, we are the product of lives led courageously, choices made under difficult circumstances, and the learned experiences of asking for help when we most need it, even when we aren’t sure if we do.


For every BiMi Bag purchase, we donate 5% of the proceeds towards Mental Health awareness causes that we have thoughtfully selected, a list we continue to add to. We strive to spark conversation in the most creative way possible, speaking from our hearts, and through our designs.


Our products invite those who represent us to stand for a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a hand to grab when you feel unmoored. We are a company that stands for more than just you, but rather for us, because we are not alone in the ongoing discussion of Mental Health and its impact on the people we love most. 




Organizations we directly fund include:

NAMI, suicidepreventionlifeline, MHA Mental Health America, Newport County Community Mental Health Center, internal MHA benefits and events, & more...






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