About BiMi

BiMi was born

in the long, yearning days of the US quarantine,

a time that asked us all to dig a little deeper into who we were and what our days meant to us, as well as one that tested our mental boundaries and begged us to stay strong in the face of so much change and uncertainty.


Our bags combine the longing for the carefree activities of our past - and the ones we will see again in the not-too-distant future - and serve as a nod to our best selves, those that help each other and meet challenges with the awareness that we are not alone.



Bi: Meaning 2, to show you are not alone +

Mi: Our shorthand for Mindset



Proceeds of every BiMi purchase go towards a carefully-vetted array of social, emotional, and medical causes in the world of Mental Health Awareness. To wear your BiMi is to become part of a community that stands for each other, and for a company that is driven by purpose as much as design aesthetic.





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