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BiMi Beans, c02 Columbia Decaf

The c02 Columbia Decaf roast is a creamy blend to sip on all day, or enjoy with dessert!

With regal flavors that are smooth yet taste complex, this decaf blend will make you say "AH!"

The BiMi Bag that goes with these beans: Blank Slates & Atlas

Sizes: 16oz

Origin: Columbia

Bean: Whole Bean, NO Nuts, Gluten Free, 1-2 Calories

USDA Organic, Eco-Friendly Materials, Fairtrade Hand-Roasted Beans


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    Not a Coffee Drinker - Very Nice Mix.

    Posted by Tom S. on 2nd Sep 2021

    I am not a coffee drinker. I was happy to find this decaf blend, and when I roast this to be light, it is very tasty on ice. Thanks, Tom.