BiMi Mini, Purple Horse

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BiMi Mini, Purple Horse

The BiMi Mini was created for the ultimate Human Being.

We encourage you to go out conquer the world, everyday. Say yes to that last minute date, go shopping for the perfect dress to wear, TONIGHT, and take a chance. With the BiMi Mini, you can do anything.

Why we love this bag: It is an easy, adorable grab bag, that allows you to whip around and complete many on-the-go tasks. That's our philosophy at BiMi, more is always more. Go for it!

Ideal For: An extra pair of flip flops, Wallet, Phone, Gift, Cards, Glasses, Flowers

Colors: Royal Stripe Blue, Peach Coral Reef, Seersucker Sunburst Yellow, Yellow Palms, Hawaiian Sand Daze

Details: 8"x12" Mini Bag, 9” Handles, Flip Hook for Keys and Such